Plastic cards
Everybody understands beauty in his own way. And our clients, of course, are not exception from the general rule.

- The corporate blue on the strict silver, and nothing surplus!
- The full-coloured printing on the gold to keep to the luxury standards!
- Only turquoise has the right to existence!
- Don't forget about hologram!

Special admirers of the international standard's beauty - Europay and Visa.

Listening to wishes of every client carefully, the designer begins to work as a man-orchestra.

In the meanwhile the project manager starts debates with the designer, since, according to his opinion, artists always wander somewhere outside of the limited budget. So the process of the prepress preparation consists of client, designer and manager's active participation. They are, skilfully camouflaging raging emotions and passions, behave theirselves like the ancient Greek choir.

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